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In the year 1992, three like-minded food stuff professionals came together to launch a new company, that dealt in the exporting, trading & packaging of Agri commodities which rapidly turned into a market leader with its private and dedicated brand of HANI.

Haghanyat General Trading Co. L.L.C was incorporated in Dubai in the year 2004 by 3 enterprising directors for the purpose of export and trade the HANI pistachio . It soon built up a strong reputation as a reliable & efficient supplier of a variety of pistachio.

The a wide array of HANI pistachio has been exported to Turkey , China , and Europe Union.

HAGHANYAT General Trading produces the wide variety types and forms of pistachios such as Round, Long, Kernel, Closed etc. company's products are soled in domestic and international markets. You can see some pictures of products in Photo Gallery section. The international standards in hygiene are the major consideration throughout the production process, and because of these attentions, company can produce qualified and also low cost in price pistachios and exports them all over the world.

HAGHANYAT General Trading Co is a full service provider of pistachios, nuts, Walnuts and Rice

We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently provide the highest quality products to our customers.

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Green Kernel

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